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Michael J. Black

Optical flow, human motion tracking and recognition, robust estimation, and probabilistic inference. Updated publications, source code for motion estimation, and new image sequences.

Omid Jahromi Canada

Papers and manuscripts on statistical multirate signal processing. In particular, multirate spectrum estimation, multirate sensor fusion, and information theory of multirate systems.

Open Source - Computer Vision Library

Intel's open source computer vision library contains implementation of useful algorithms, like optical flow methods, snakes, binary morphological operations, pyramids, and camera calibration.

Rachid Deriche

Research Director at INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control).

Seeing is Believing: Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

"This article will look at the role that knowledge plays in computer vision and how the use of reasoning, context, and knowledge in visual tasks reduces the complexity of the general problem." Published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.

Spectral Fusion Technologies

Machine vision technology research and development into neural networks for food classification, X-ray and image sensing. Designers of the BoneScanTM contaminant detection systems used in the poultry and food industries.

The Computer Vision Homepage

Established at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 to provide a central location for World Wide Web links relating to computer vision research.

The Machine Vision Portal

News and articles about machine vision.


Vision List Digest/Archives. Archives of internet newsgroup COMP.AI.VISION. Generally contains call-for-papers, job postings, questions and answers and references

USC Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Table of Contents

The largest online vision bibliography of this kind. Papers organized by authors, journal/conference title, paper title and topic. Very useful reference resource.


An internet only journal of computer vision. It has ceased publication at the end of volume 1, but the four issues of volume 1 are available online. Articles contain attached demos and MPEG movies.

Vision 1 - Machine Vision Information Library

Huge resource of links for vision groups, news groups, conferences, glossary and image databases.

Visión Artificial y Reconocimiento de Patrones

VARPA is a research group affiliated to the LFCIA laboratory of the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Coruña .

Vision Lab at Umass

University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Computer Vision Research Laboratory. The website contains a very large section of downloadable research images.

Visionary - A Dictionary of terminology in vision research

Dictionary for terminology used in the study of human and animal vision. It includes terms from the areas of biological and machine vision, visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience and other related fields.

Zamir License Plate Recognition LPR systems

Zamir Recognition Systems is a leading Israeli developer and manufacturer of license plate recognition systems also known as LPR, NPR or ANPR. These systems are used for vehicle access control, security and parking revenue control.

Zhang Xiaozheng's homepage about Face Recognition

Personal page about face recognition research.

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