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Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab (RESY)

At the University of K?n in Germany. Lists the research-topics, members, teaching, projects and the equipment.

Evobot: Evolutionary Robotics Site

Links and other information relating to evolutionary robotics ("evobots": evolutionary robots).

Evolution Robotics

Robot kits and hardware accessories allows you to build robots for a variety of applications.

Friendly Robotics

Makers of the "Robomow" robotic lawn mower.

Humanoid Service Robot HERMES

HERMES is one of the most advanced robot systems available today being able to explore unknown environments and to fulfil transportation and manipulation tasks in spacious human-populated areas.

HUT - Automation Technology Laboratory

The laboratory works in the field of automation technology including robotics, mechatronics and control of industrial processes.

Institute for Process Control and Robotics at the University of Karlsruhe

Sensor research.

Intelligent Machines and Robots

Information on robots using Artificial Intelligence for Education, military, and industry. Also offer a variety of robots for sale, including simple programmable units that children can program.

International Federation of Robotics

Provides news, information and events relating to robotics, including a robotics events calendar, detailing international events relating to robotics, such as conventions.

International Submarine Engineering Ltd. Canada

A high technology engineering company that designs, builds and integrates submersible vehicles (rovs, auvs) and robotic systems with real time control software for subsea, space and terrestrial applications.

Inuktun Services Ltd.

Remotely operated vehicle design and manufacture. Confined space and hazardous environment inspection. Equipment suitable for nuclear power generation industries. Underwater robotics technology. Bomb disposal devices.


iRobot offers a multi-purpose home robot controllable from a web browser anywhere in the world.

IU Csci Analog VLSI & Robotics Lab

The Home Page of the IU Computer Science Department's Analog VLSI and Robotics Lab. We maintain info about the lab itself and resources available on the WWW for robotics work.

Jigsaw Solutions

Advanced algorithms for integrating unknown sensory systems with unknown motor control systems, with applications in Data Mining, Medicine, and other areas.

Juice 3D Robot Simulator

Build and control virtual robots in a 3D environment.


A robot for social interactions with humans

Lehigh University's 2002 Micro Aerial Vehicle

Learn about the design, components, theory, and competition involved in building micro air vehicles (aka - mini spy planes) for surveilence purposes.


Large index of robotics links.

Micro club

Robotics club at Mahanakorn university of technology Thailand.

Mobile Multi-Robot Cooperative Systems

Brief description of a research proposal in the area of multi-robot systems. Author requests opinions and information on how to conduct this research.

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