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AASS Mobile Robotics Lab

Research lab on autonomous robotics at the University of Orebro, Sweden.

ActivMedia Robotics Commercial & Research Robots

Intelligent mobile robotic platforms for applications and research use, including vision, laser and many other sensing options

Advanced Autonomy for Rovers (NASA)

This project aims to advance the state of the art in ground operations and onboard autonomy for flight rovers. This NASA initative is investigating the complex problems of autonomy in adverse environments.


For owners of Sony AIBO robots, with chat rooms, a list of AIBO owners, and some FAQs, links, and press releases.

AmigoBot Personal Robots

Programmable intelligent "webcam" robot rover, drivable over the Net, lets you see, hear, and interact with friends from afar.

Applied AI Systems, Inc.

Intelligent mobile robots and application development using behavior-based methods. Distributor of K-Team and RWI robots. Hosts an International Symposium on Evolutionary Robotics.

ART2000 - Azzurra RoboCup Team

A joint effort by 7 Italian Universities for participation in the F2000 Robocup competition.

Artificial Muscle Research Institute

The goal of the institute is to develop, design, fabricate, test, and commercialize electrically and chemically controlled artificial muscles.

ATAS Aerial Robotics

The Aerial Robotics Integrated Product Team in the Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory is developing aerial robots and advanced flight behaviors.

Australia's Telerobot on the Web

Australia's Telerobot. Play with a real live robot. Use your browser to build bridges, towers, or whatever takes your fancy. 360 degree lab camera also available. Operates 24 hours a day.

Autonomous robot kits

Autonomous robot kits for sale utilizing the OOPic object oriented microcontroller

Autonomous Robots Competitions

In this page there is a list with all autonomous robots competitions in the world.

Autonomous Systems at GMD

Research groups at the Autonomous Systems group at GMD, Germany, cover Adaptive Systems, Cognitive Robotics, Design Automation for Digital Systems, Innovative Application Design, Responsive Systems and Security Policies for Autonomous Systems.

Bilkent University-Robotics & Sensing Laboratory

Based in Turkey, work centres around sensing, including the fusion of odometry, gyroscopic, laser and sonar data to mobile robots.

Boston University Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Includes the Intelligent Mechatronics Laboratory, and the High Precision Manipulation and Control (HPMC) Laboratory.

Braintech Inc.

Manufacturer of robotic vision systems. This North Vancouver-based company builds effective and adaptive pattern matching recognition systems based on patented technologies.

Camelot Ropsim

Windows based Robot Offline Programming and Simulation Software for industrial robots. With Ropsim you can program your robot on your PC.

Controlling a multi-legged virtual character by human motion-capture-data

A diploma thesis about retargetting human motion capture data to multi-legged virtual characters - in realtime.

CSIRO Mining Automation

Research into the issues relating to automation of mining. Projects include automated digital terrain mapping, undersea exploration and mining, and rapid roadway development. Based in Australia.

DPRG - Dallas Personal Robotics Group Web Page

The Dallas Personal Robotics Group is one the nation's oldest special interest groups dedicated to the development and use of personal robotics and has been around since 1984.

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