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Neural Networks
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Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network tutorials. All tutorials are supported with well commented source code. There is also a discussion forum where readers may discuss anything AI related.

AND Corporation

Provider of application development services, software systems, and licensor of the Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).

Applied Analytic Systems Decision Technologies

An operations research and artificial intelligence consulting and software development company specializing in neural networks, statistical modeling, and mathematical optimization.

Applied Neurodynamics

Consulting design of neurocomputing hardware, Neuromorphic aVLSI bus infrastructure, support for wet lab research.

Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory - Iowa State University

Neural Computing, hybrid systems, cognitive modelling, intelligent agents, distributed intelligence.

Artificial Neural Networks tutorial

A basic introduction available in English, Spanish and German.


Provider of a number of neural network based products for image and sound recognition/retrieval, trend prediction and data mining.

Backpropagator's Review

This document is a backprop FAQ, reading list (with a preference for online articles) and a summary of the state of the art. It is aimed at people who want practical advice on using backprop.

Bibliographies on Neural Networks

Part of the collection of computer science bibliographies.

BioComp Systems Inc.

A consulting and software development firm specializing in neural network and genetic algorithms.

Boosting Research Site

Scientific homepage on boosting and ensemble learning methods.


An easy to use Excel add-in that enhances forecasts with the power of neural networks.

Cavendish Laboratory Inference group - University of Cambridge

David MacKay's group working on machine learning, information theory, neural networks and Bayesian inference.

Center for Information Mining and Extraction - National University of Singapore

Problem solving and knowledge discovery with artificial intelligence.

Center for Neural Engineering - University of Southern California

Inter-disciplinary research in engineering, neuroscience and medicine.

Center for Spoken Language Understanding at OGI

Group developing nonlinear estimation approaches which rapidly adapt on-line to speaker variations and changing noise sources.

Computation and Neural Systems - Caltech

Studies computations in neural systems, ranging from biological systems, to theoretical models and VLSI applications.

Computational Intelligence and Technology Laboratory - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Fundamental issues and applications of artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems and hybrid computational intelligence systems.

Computational Neuroscience Laboratory - UC Davis

Bruno Olshausen's group working on coding strategies of the visual system for object recognition and scene analysis.


Moderated mailing list for discussion of technical issues and dissemination of information pertaining to neural computations. Membership is restricted to students and faculty members.

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