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Machine Learning
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AI Unit - University of Dortmund (Germany)

Research on representation and acquisition of knowledge in the subareas machine learning and text, knowledge discovery in databases, learning and cognitive science, and learning robots.

Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory - Iowa State University

Research related to machine learning includes neural networks, automata induction, computational learning theory, data mining, knowledge discovery, bioinformatics.

Automated Learning Group - NASA

Research projects on collective intelligence, surface modeling, autoclass, Bayesian search.

Bioinformatics and Learning Metrics group - Helsinki University of Technology

Analysis of functional genomics data, Construction of data-dependent metrics for focusing data analysis on relevant or important aspects of the data.

Boosting research

A website on Boosting and related ensemble learning methods. Provided links to papers, upcoming events, datasets, and code.

Center for Automated Learning and Discovery - CMU

Large group with projects in robot learning, data mining for manifacturing and in multimedia databases, causal inference, disclosure limitation, World Wide Web.

Cognitive Computation Group at UIUC

Developing theories and systems pertaining to intelligent behavior using a unified methodology. At the heart of the approach is the idea that learning has a central role in intelligence.

Computational Biology Group - University of Wales

Techniques include inductive logic programming, model based reasoning, evolutionary computing, neural networks, multivariate statistics. Applications to drig design, protein secondary structure prediction, functional genomics, etc.

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit - University College London

Research on neural computational theories of perception and action, with an emphasis on learning.


A competition on Grammatical Inference.

Grammatical Inference

Repository of information on grammatical inference, automata induction, and language acquisition.

Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)

Review of the GMDH approach for data mining and forecasting, with examples and software

IDIAP machine Learning Group - Martigny (Switzerland)

Research on Support Vector Machines, Hidden Markov Models, fusion of generative and discriminative approaches, logical data analysis, large scale data analysis.


Network of Excellence in Inductive Logic Programming.

Knowledge Acquisition & Machine Learning Lab - University of Bari

Research on symbolic and numerical approaches to machine learning, first order logic, intelligent document processing, spatial data mining, human-computer interaction.

Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning Group - University of Ottawa Canada

Research projects mainly focused on text: Intelligent Information Access, Text Summarization, Text Analysis for Knowledge Acquisition.

Learning Lab at CMU, School of Computer Science

Software systems that learn user preferences, Robot learning, text learning, generic learning methods.

LISA - Adaptive Computer Systems Laboratory - Universite de Montreal Canada

Research on modeling high-dimensional data, learning hyper-parameters, boosting of neural networks, Markovian models, data mining, and other areas related to neural networks.

Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms group - University of Turin

Research on learning first-order classification rules, first-order concept descriptions, genetic algorithms, neural networks, computational learning theory.

Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory - GMU

Research on Theories of Learning, Inference, and Discovery Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, User Modeling and Intrusion Detection, Non-Darwinian Evolutionary Computation, Machine Vision through Learning, Education.

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