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Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Barcelona

Interests in agents. Overview of research, list of people, software distribution, list of job openings, and tutorials.

Dartmouth College - AgentTCL Group

Dynamic and Evolutionary Machine Organization laboratory at Brandeis University.

DEMO research lab

Formal Reasoning Group

Deduction and multiagent systems, information management and document analysis, intelligent user interfaces, intelligent visualization and simulation systems, language technology.

German Research Center for AI

AI Institute. Site offer information about their courses, lab, staff, and jobs.

Groningen University

Information about the people involved, their grants and research projects, and available seminars and courses.

Institute for Intelligent Systems - University of Memphis

Institute of Artificial Intelligence Scientific and Educational, Cutting Edge Informational Technologies, AI technologies, Image Recognition, robototechnics, publishing

Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Focuses on automating and improving various aspects of the corporate decision-making process through research, development, and application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Integrated Reasoning Group Canada

The ISP is an interdisciplinary program, a center for advanced education and research in artificial intelligence and some related areas of cognitive science.

Intelligent Systems Program at the University of Pittsburgh

Information on research interests, publications, and courses.

Iowa State University - Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

IRIDIA is the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory of the Universit?Libre de Bruxelles. It is deeply involved in theoretical and applied research in soft-computing.

K. U. Leuven

Current projects, publications, Design, Analysis and Implementation of Declarative Programming Languages, Knowledge Technology, Machine Learning.

Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Aiming to understand the nature of intelligence, to engineer systems that exhibit such intelligence by utilising vision, language, an in particular robotics.

MIT - Artificial Intelligence Lab

NASA's largest AI research division. Specializes in robotics, autonomous reasoning, machine learning, automatic programming, and novel human/machine interfaces and interactions.

NASA Ames Research in Computational Sciences

Industry-led consortium performing industrially-relevant, market-oriented collaborative research and development in intelligent systems.

PRECARN - Intelligent Systems Innovation for Industrial Competitiveness Canada

Research in the area of neurofuzzy and other artificial intelligence techniques applied to engineering. List of projects and people.

Purdue University - Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Robotics Research Lab and University of Southern California

Robotics Research Laboratory at USC

Current research projects: Intelligent Scheduling, Forest Treatment Scheduling, Staff Scheduling, Vehicle Routing, Optical Reflector Design, Sound Equalization. Site also includes info about research group members, projects, papers, and software.

Simon Frasier Univ. Intelligent Systems Lab Canada

Describes the Semantic Network Processing System and its associated Research Group at SUNY Buffalo. Research in cognitive science, knowledge representation and reasoning, and computational linguistics.

SNePS Research Group

Active research in: applied AI to Information Systems; Cognitive Science; Natural Language Processing; Bayesian and Neural Networks; and Artificial and Computational Agents.

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